The FL&C Group

Welcome at the Formal Languages and Compilers Group at Politecnico di Milano.

Our research interests range from theoretical foundations of formal languages to compilers design and implementation, both in static and dynamic context.

Recent and open projects regard compiler techniques to support non-functional characteristics such as security, and compilers and runtime systems for parallel programming (OpenCL, OpenMP) on both high performance computing systems (NUMA x86_64) and embedded many-/multi-cores (STM P2012/xP70, PULP/OpenRISC).

Past project included JIT design for Java and .NET platforms, dynamic scheduling on VLIW architectures, loop optimization for reconfigurable architectures and affine transformations to extract loop coarse grain parallelism.

Our team is composed by full, associate and assistant professors, post docs and Phd students, and master thesis students.


Open Media Platform

Starting January 2008, the FL&C group has been involved in the OpenMediaPlatform project.

We offer graduate theses on dynamic compilation within the scope of OpenMediaPlatform.

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ESF Workshop on Developments and New Tracks in Trace Theory

We believe Trace Theory offers great potential for modelling concurrent and parallel computation. In order to assess its current development, we contribute to the ESF Workshop on Developments and New Tracks in Trace Theory, Cremona, Italy, 9-11 October 2008.

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