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Active Projects

This page lists the active course projects (Laboratorio Software, Progetto di Ingegneria Informatica) managed by the FL&C group:

Students Project Title Course Status
Ruggero De Martino AES-256 on CUDA LSW Pre-Alpha
Fabio Beltramini, Oscar Redaelli Data Carving with Integrity Check LSW Pre-Alpha
Matteo Giannone RSA on CUDA LSW Pre-Alpha
Michele Festini Master of Magic LSW Pre-Alpha
Alberto Montagnese, Paolo Pelagatti ILDJIT Internal Calls LSW Pre-Alpha
Daniele Zanni, Niccolò Olivieri Public Transportation Web App LSW Pre-Alpha
Roberto Lamera CAST5 on CUDA LSW Pre-Alpha
Riccardo Schiavi & Filippo Spelta Morrowind LSW Alpha
Massimiliano Grandi ILDJIT internal calls LSW Alpha


  • Pre-Alpha: project assigned, started background reading
  • Alpha: some coding, up to 1/2 project completed
  • Beta: more than 1/2 project done

Completed Projects

Students Project Title Course Status
Mauro Pellicioli Whirpool on CUDA LSW Complete
Emanuele Panigati, Roberto Paolitti ECMA-335 Vulnerability LSW Complete
Marco Spelta & Davide Zoni RC5 on CUDA LSW Complete
Maurizio Del Corno DES brute force on CUDA PII Complete
Christian Hackl Irrlicht Demo LSW Complete
Max Manni, Roberto Molteni ILDJIT C compilation LSW Complete
Mattia Pirotti OpenTyrian episode 5 LSW Complete
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