Martino Sykora

Post-Doc Researcher

Martino Sykora received the laurea degree in December 2003 and the doctoral degree in Information Technology in May 2007 at Politecnico di Milano.

His interests focus on optimizations of native code for ILP architectures. He is currently working on loop scheduling and register allocation for multiclustered, reconfigurable architectures. It has proposed a novel approach to the problem of Instruction Partitioning over a Hierarchical Multiclustered Machine, recently published at IPDPS.

Moreover, he is working on the exploitation of Integer Linear Programming Model for solving complex subproblems of the Instruction Partitioning main task.

Other activities include the development of a gcc optimizing back-end for an industrial ultra low power machine (designed by STMicroelectronics).

Past activities included the implementation of a Java JIT compiler for VLIW architectures and studies on transactional memories (the latter at University of California, San Diego).

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